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Bubble shooter
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Bubble shooter
Shoot the Bubbles until they disappear.
A fun version of the classic game Bubble Shooter. An Android application, light and with an intuitive environment with which you can play your favorite game to avoid falling into boredom.

To eliminate Bubbles, touch the screen where you want the shot to go. Combine 3 or more Bubbles of the same color to eliminate them.

- 8 different colors of Bubbles.

- More than 300 levels and more on the way.

- Self-saving of the game. When you close the game you can continue at the last level just as you left it.

- Level selection to play the screens that you like the most.

- The first 100 levels come from the open source game Frozen Bubble.

- Added new arcade mode to play without limit

- Progressive difficulty.

Until you manage to make all Bubbles disappear and finish the level you will not be able to play at the next level.

A game of MijoriSoft