This document describes the Privacy Policies that affect the data that is collected in the applications of NotyxGames, Miquel Abadal and AppDrac and which are sent to the servers of Notix Gestión y Desarrollos SL.
The applications may receive any information that you have expressly agreed to share with us; such as name, location or gender... Notix Gestión y Desarrollos SL automatically receives this information and may store it, along with the IP address or other device identifiers.
Notix Gestión y Desarrollos SL uses the information ONLY for generic or statistical purposes, such as personalization of advertising, remote configuration of applications (such as the advertising network and the frequency of banners) as well as the improvement of our services.
Notix Gestión y Desarrollos SL does not rent, sell or share personal information with people or companies not associated with us; however, we may share it with our advertising partners: Google Admob, AppBrain and AppLovin.
Notix Gestión y Desarrollos SL collects statistical data to be able to study the evolution of the applications and make the corresponding improvements.
Notix Gestión y Desarrollos SL uses the advertising networks Google Admob, AppBrain and AppLovin, as well as a network of own advertising used to self-promote our applications.
You can consult the Privacy Policies of our partners in the following links:
Google Admob
To resolve any doubts about the conditions of our Privacy Policies, you can contact us by sending an email to the following address: